Why is Friend Finder better than using backpage?

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From its inception backpage has been a less than reputable site. It sells everything under the sun and so the fact that the vast majority of its hookups sound less than genuine shouldn't be a surprise. As soon as you attempt to find someone looking for some casual fun on the site you'll see a multitude of different ads from supposed "hot women" who are desperate for you to come show them a good time.

The amount of men posting for the same thing is suspiciously less and something which will ring alarm bells for most. The fact that there are so many ads from supposed women looking for men can alienate most but some are taken in and in most cases end up being scammed. For the majority of these scams the users get redirected to another site by the fictional female at which point they are usually charged. In other instances these "women" desperate for your touch turn out to actually be deceptive men telling you lie. If you're a woman trying to find a hookup on backpage your chances are equally slim, in this case it's because of all the spam and scams that stop your ad from being taken seriously or indeed of being seen at all.

The deception and lies prevalent in backpage hookups has left many in despair and wondering where they can find a legitimate fling. This has led to a rise in popularity of sites like Adult Friend Finder to source a genuine hookup without the fear of being scammed. Adult Friend Finder has a huge member base and there's a reason for that, the lack of scams and instances of actual hookup success has given rise to a loyal following assured of its reputability.

The site describes itself as "the ultimate source for free sex personals and adult dating" and delivers on this. Unlike backpage, Adult Friend Finder allows its user to experience sexual encounters through an array of formats such as webcams, blogs and cybersex. It also has a far more complex search ability which allows users to discover various means of sexual expression. This is in no small part because of its creation as a specific site for sex rather than a site that tries, and fails, to do it all. Unlike the escort scams that plague sites like backpage, users can feel secure that they won't end up being ripped off by a seedy pimp or arrested by the police for being involved in something vulgar. Even more terrifying than this is the instances of violence perpetrated by Craigslist posters supposedly advertising sex. In 2014 Mark Spencer became a victim to this when a planned robbery went wrong and he was beaten to death by a woman and her partner.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the first dating sites which surfaced on the web and as such it has had ample time since its inception in the 1990s to perfect its art. Its community is well established and as such it imbues a sense of trust, this is in no small part due to the high number of genuine responses users receive from individuals and the lack of spam.

In short, Adult Friend Finder is both the past and the future of online hookups. Its superior search engine, trustworthiness and deliverance of its claims mean that it continues to grow in popularity and provide users with the opportunity to have a fling without the hassle.

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